We inspire the community through showcasing, connecting, profiling and laughing.

We bring together doers, thinkers and trailblazers to change the face of future healthcare. The community is free to join – we feel our resources and the opportunities we provide should be as accessible as possible. See our News Feed.

We celebrate the successes (and failures!) for better learning and warm fuzzies.

We are community builders. We host and curate events, covering topics from virtual reality, mental health and interoperability, to leadership, data privacy and social care, in the form of breakfast gatherings or lunchtime fireside chats, to evening get-togethers. See our events.

We enable women and underrepresented groups to have better access to the sector.

On the more practical side of things, we offer concrete benefits to our community. We also negotiate discounts to external health-technology events for the community and promote interesting professional opportunities. See our hubs.

We champion a cause of better diversity in healthtech.

In our spare time, we spread the news and activities of our community, their organisations and the causes they support, from profiling unique and varied members, to showcasing a #startupofthemonth or an awesome human. See our ambassadors.