Do you know when you go to events and you immediately click with some people? Well, 
that's exactly what happened when we met Dr Lorin Gresser! A few minutes later, 
it was obvious a Q&A was mandatory. Check out the results below :)

From strategy to CEO -- what made you take the jump? Please give us some insights into what are you doing and how did it feel.

I took an unusual route to become CEO of Dem Dx. I started with a business career in finance and consulting, but in my late 30s, I decided what I really wanted to do “when I grow up’ was be a doctor. So I went back to med school and studied with students who had just finished their A-levels. People actually called me a perennial student. What made me take the leap from medicine to health tech, was an idea I had in medical school. I realised I had the potential of having a far greater impact on patients and healthcare by pursuing this idea than by being a junior doctor.

Talk to us about some of the projects you were/are involved in the health tech space.

When I made the jump to health tech, it was to create a clinical training tool for healthcare professionals and students (including doctors and nurses). What I realised going through medical school, is that correctly diagnosing a patient and going through the clinical reasoning process is a very difficult skill to learn, and is generally something that students and young healthcare professionals gain on the job through training experience. However, I saw that this process could be dramatically improved and accelerated using technology. That was the birth of Dem Dx.

It’s now being used by students across the UK and even has a global reach, with users in countries such as Brazil and India.

Work-life balance can be tricky for any job - what has it been like for you?

Indeed! Particularly with 3 children to juggle! Work is an escape from life and life is an escape from work. I feel incredibly privileged to have such an exciting job, and so grateful to have such an amazing family. Feeling twice blessed gets you through the stress!

Any (out of the box hobbies) that keep you balanced?

I don’t have so much going on out of the box like jumping out of planes, but I do enjoy doing yoga at home. The most challenging is probably answering Year 5 maths questions for my children.

Cool plans on the horizon?

I’m really excited about Dem Dx and its future! We are now in a good position to build out the product and gain more users. We’ve just signed a clinic to train their healthcare workers, based in Kenya, and we’d like to be involved in more projects like this. Educating, training, and supporting healthcare professionals in more remote areas is a really exciting area to be a part of.

Some words of wisdom for a younger self.

Always follow your dreams. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what they are at that point in life, it will come to you eventually. Never follow the money. Be curious, do something you enjoy & excites you and you’ll have a far more fulfilling life (although a bit of money does help)!