One HealthTech is all about community, but communities need to be built at all sorts different levels and by passionate individuals. Realistically, a centrally-organised national community is not sufficiently specific, nor close enough to local champions, for One HealthTech to remain the open and close-knit community it currently is.

A network is only as strong as its parts, and those parts are the passionate individuals on the ground, sharing their love for health technology. Through OHT’s work, a frequently raised issue by students was the lack of awareness of roles and opportunities  in healthtech and a frustration at the fact many university curricula have not provided up to date content. We are therefore launching a Student Ambassador Programme to support university trailblazers to champion innovation in health in their universities, be the link to external community activities and support individuals to build and grow their own student network.

The Ambassador role would entail you would:

  • Have your profile and interview on the OHT website as a Student Ambassador; 
  • Curate and edit >5 student healthtech blogs or interviews of local trailblazers from your friends and colleagues to be shared through OHT and its media partners’ channels;
  • Be the go-to person for all student and university matters for your local OHT hub;
  • Promote and disseminate your local OHT Hub Meetup events through the student body;
  • Take part in panels and speaking opportunities when your local hub requires student input;
  • Join your local OHT Hub organising committee meetings and calls to find opportunities for collaboration;
  • Be supported by your local OHT Hub to set up a student HealthTech society ;
  • Publicly display (Twitter, LinkedIn etc) your position as a health innovation champion;

Benefits include:

  1. Join a rapidly growing national network of like-minded Student Ambassadors. 
  2. Build your network in the health technology space and become an upcoming leader.
  3. Generate a thriving local community of health technologists in your university and city.
  4. Opportunities for financial support to run events and activities at your university.
  5. Be the key point of contact between students and OHT.
  6. Priority access to discount and free conference tickets and opportunities obtained through OHT.
  7. Valuable experience to help build your CV.

This is about making you all local champions and getting your regions on the map. This scheme is for self-starters YOU are the best person to know what YOUR university needs – this is about creating a community and sharing a passion. Do you have what it takes?! Get in touch via to find out more or download the Student Ambassador Handbook here.