We are big fans of the friendly folk over at Health Foundry, where Sinea Mac Manus runs a tight ship. We can hardly believe it but they are 1 year old!

Check out their annual report here

Since opening our doors in September 2016 Health Foundry has supported 100+ "organisations working in digital health and hosted over 100 industry events. We’ve provided 62 one-to-one sessions with industry experts and facilitated a series of collaborations and pilots with actors across the local health system.

As a live action piece of research Health Foundry aims to understand the current and future support needs of the digital health sector and ultimately scale our offer and impact through the next iteration of Health Foundry.

Our annual report 2016-2017 presents an overview of our achievements and lessons learned to date. We warmly welcome your thoughts and feedback and would love to invite you down for a cuppa when you’re in the area. Please do get in touch with the team at hello@healthfoundry.org "