Each region knows what is best for their geography. Each person has their own personal network of thriving enthusiasts and partners. We want to give each, and every person involved in One HealthTech the space and autonomy to thrive in building their local Hub.

A network is only as strong as its parts, and those parts are the passionate individuals on the ground, sharing their love for health technology.

A “Hub” is determined by a thriving group of health-technologists in a city or a region or a country, who want to get together and grow their local ecosystem. If there is the right combination of a strong team, a local need, and enough traction, we thoroughly support establishing a Hub!

Hub activities can range from local events, social get-togethers, training opportunities etc. – you name it! Hubs have the autonomy to do what they feel is required to get their Hub active, thriving, sparkling and full of gusto, whilst bearing in mind the constraints of a volunteer-led organisation. Most importantly, this must always be FUN!

In agreeing to get involved you sign up to:

  • Being a self-starter and running with things (proceed unless apprehended). This is for mini entrepreneurs!
  • Acknowledge this is a VOLUNTEER-LED activity which comes with pros and cons.
  • Work in partnership with OHT core to create a sustainable and linked community, with flexibility and autonomy in local regions - i.e. YOU.
  • Communicate transparently.
  • Organising events every 6 weeks or so (recommended) and even one-off events like a mini-TED/ awards.
  • Creating a local ecosystem of strategic/media partnerships.
  • Creating community content and event reports.
  • Raise own funds, through sponsorship or grants. Where extra administration is required to manage this, OHT Core may require a small percentage of the money to cover administrative salaries in the core team. This will only be small, not to worry!

All we ask is for:

  • Relentless positivity and passion;
  • Zero ego/hierarchy/ knobbish behaviour;
  • A commitment to getting more women and diverse groups into healthcare.

By being part of the OHT team you will play an important role in influencing the future direction of healthtech; helping the industry reach its full potential through diversity and strong leadership. You will also learn a great deal, make lots of new friends, achieve substantial personal growth and develop numerous useful contacts.

Please contact Angela at angela@onehealthtech.com or Andra at andra@onehealthtech.com in order to get involved in an OHT Hub.

Join us, let’s make a ruckus!

Join the thousands of doers, thinkers and trailblazers changing the face of our future healthcare. Go on. It’s fun. We promise

Sponsor the sustainability and growth of the most exciting digital health community (we would say that wouldn’t we?!)