Michelle Kearns
Michelle Kearns
Chief Information Officer - Caredoc

Michelle is the Director and co-founder of One HealthTech Ireland. Michelle is also the CIO of Caredoc, a not-for-profit organisation delivering healthcare services throughout Ireland. Throughout her time in Caredoc, Michelle has been instrumental in developing the Caredoc eHealth ecosystem and using technology to support patients and clinicians. Michelle was nominated as CIO of the Year for Women in IT Awards 2018.

Michelle is a World Health Organisation Adviser and contributes to the WHO European Framework for Action on Integrated Health Services Delivery. Michelle leads the WHO Global forum on Change Management that encourages members to exchange learnings – both good and bad – and share experiences with international colleagues.

Michelle was a founding member of the council of clinical information officers in Ireland and believes strongly that digital technology can change the way care is delivered in the future, but clinicians must be at the core of the design and development of any solutions.

Michelle is passionate about education and knowledge and holds an MSc in health informatics and an MSc in Health Services Research. Michelle is pursuing a PhD in data analytics and utilising healthcare data for predictive care modelling, population health management and the design of future policy and health services.

Maria Oloughlin
Maria Oloughlin
Assistant National Director Organisational Digital Change - Health Business Services | HSE

Maria O’Loughlin is an organisational psychologist and Assistant National Director for Organisational Digital Change in the HSE. She provides executive level advice, guidance and support on all areas of transformation with a specific focus on; organisational development, engagement, innovation, digital change and inclusion. Through this focus across stakeholder groups, Maria helps enable the creation of a collaboration environment for organisations working with the HSE. Maria leads many of the innovation and start-up relationships in Health Business Services in the HSE, ensuring these grow from new ideas to programmes of work embedded in the Irish healthcare culture and advises on the delivery of an organisational structure and culture that enables health in Ireland to adopt a 21st-century digital fabric.

A passionate advocate on how technology can impact healthcare and its delivery, Maria and her colleagues seek to represent Ireland nationally and internationally, building the reputation of HSE as an open and transparent organisation. With more than 20 years in people-focused roles in the public and private sector, Maria uses this experience to put people at the centre of everything she does.

Maria is the co-founder of the One HealthTech Ireland Hub and believes strongly on the positive impact of diversity and inclusion to drive change. Maria has an undergraduate degree in Psychology, an MSc in Computers and Information Systems and an MSc in Organisational Psychology. Maria was nominated as Digital Leader of the year for the Women In IT Awards 2018.