Sunday, November 26,2017 -
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A fun weekend hackathon? On healthtech? Say whaaaat?!



{nhs.ideas.lab} is a new and free weekend hackathon for projects that aim to improve patient health and care. People from across all healthcare sectors will work together to share learning and make things better.

A new Access to Innovation fund will be available after the weekend to encourage Social Enterprises surrounding new {nhs.ideas.lab} projects.





Put simply: everyone with any interest in improving health and care.

Whether you are a technologist, a healthcare practitioner, a clinical leader, a policymaker, an NHS/health sector employee, a designer, an entrepreneur or someone with an interest in innovation and improving patient health and care, we want YOU to come and add your skills and knowledge to {nhs.ideas.lab}.

If you don't have much/any experience with computers already, then we need you even more to make sure projects address real industry needs.





Hackathons are a great way to share ideas and learn new things, and multidisciplinary hackathons are even more exciting because they team up people who might not work together in day-to-day life.

Seniors from the healthcare and technologies industries will be on hand for mentoring and advice, so come along and learn something new.


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Event Date: Sunday, November 26,2017

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