Tuesday, March 05,2019 17:00 - 21:00
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Humans of HealthTech is back!!! Whoop whoop! For those of you who didn’t come to the launch last year, it’s One HealthTech’s annual rendezvous for the diverse and inspiring minds in the health tech space. You can expect insightful talks from a varied range of speakers who will entice your imagination, challenge your understanding and keep you on the edge of your seat.

This year will be the occasion to have an early celebration of International Women’s Day mixed with an exciting conference theme. The event will explore how mistakes and failures can teach us to become a better, stronger and more resilient bunch of health techies.

It’s no news that we all make mistakes, but it’s sometimes hard to face facts and admit that we are wrong. There is a taboo around making mistakes when it can actually teach you a great deal more than getting things right from the offset. Knowing when a company should pivot instead of continuing down a wrong path is key in the same way as knowing when to be resilient in the face of adversity. These are some of the themes we will be exploring this year’s Humans of Healthtech event.

We will learn from expert voices the theories and hurdles behind facing one’s mistakes and failures. We will be guided through some real-life situations, to grasp the importance of admitting and understanding our mistakes. Other enlightened humans will then show us the way through a path of resilience and the importance of knowing when to pivot your company by sharing from their own experience.

Join One HealthTech to hear the personal and powerful stories of those women leading the field in healthtech and how they’ve learnt from their mistakes.


17:00 Registration Opens
17:30 Welcome and introduction from Rebecca Pope, Head of Data Science and Engineering at KPMG, our host for the evening

17:40 Part I: Stop being afraid of failure!

17:40 Talk 1: What behavioural science has to say - Behavioural economist talking about why it’s hard to admit that we’re wrong and how we deceive ourselves

17:50 Talk 2: Failures in digital health - this talk would almost be like a potted history of bad ideas/good ideas faced implementation issues

5 min Active break!

18:05 Talk 3: Design failure & clinical risk - This talk product design failures & clinical risk -- Cosima Gretton, Clinical Product Manager, Mindstrong Health and Teaching Fellow, University College London

18:15 Talk 4: The importance of insignificance and negative results - This talk would explore how crucial it is to understand and publish what does not work in science by for example taking the importance of publishing the result of clinical trials -- Mona Nasser, Associate Professor of Evidence Evidence-Based, University of Plymouth

18:25 Q&A

15 min Active break!

19:00 Part II: Learn to embrace it!

19:00 Talk 5: Title - How to embrace failure? -- Alana Wood, User Experience Designer, Google DeepMind

19:10 Talk 6: Knowing when to pivot - A female entrepreneur would share her story about how she pivoted her company

19:20 Talk 7: Resilience - This talk would address the importance of being resilient as a healthtech innovator

19:30 Q&A

19:50 Wrap up!

20:00 Networking & refreshments

21:00 Close

Ticket pricing

Please note that tickets for this special event are £10 and will go towards helping support and fund the One HealthTech community - a volunteer-led network championing diversity in healthtech. Funds will be put towards helping regions run activities for whom it is a little harder to get sponsorship.

If you are able to expense this ticket please do select the £40 option, we greatly appreciate it!

Free tickets (£5 refund on attendance) are available for students and those not in employment. We operate on an honesty policy for this one...

Event Details
Event Venue: DeepMind offices, 14-18 Handyside Street, King's Cross, London N1C 4DN
Event Time: 17:00 - 21:00
Event Date: Tuesday, March 05,2019

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