Wednesday, February 07,2018 17:30 - 21:00
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This event will mark the launch of Humans of HealthTech, One HealthTech’s annual rendez-vous for the diverse and inspiring minds in the health tech space. You can expect insightful talks from a varied range of speakers who will entice your imagination, challenge your understanding and keep you on the edge of your seat.

The theme of this year's event will explore how healthtech is designed and will question if healthtech can truly be inclusive and designed for all:

What’s the point of health tech if it isn’t about improving people’s lives? Which is why it should be created by the people, for the people.
HealthTech should be designed in partnership with professionals and patients to ensure that it is fit for purpose and made for the people who will use it. User-centred design in healthcare can have a great impact on the success or failure of a project.
Putting people at the centre of health tech design is crucial, but what about those that are the hardest to reach? How do we make sure that healthtech is truly inclusive and designed for all?

Join One HealthTech to hear the personal and powerful stories of those women leading the field in healthtech to make healthcare better - for everyone.


17:00          Registration Opens

17:30          Welcome from One HealthTech

17:35       Introduction from Gemma Milne, Science & Tech Journalist, Co-Founder of Science:Disrupt, our host for the evening

17:40        Part I: Designing healthtech

4 x 10 min speakers covering a wide range of themes

17:40         Talk 1:  Putting people at the centre - This talk will explore how putting the professional and patient perspective at the centre of healthtech design (i.e.user-centred designed) can truly result in real and meaningful impact in healthcare.

Speaker - Grace Davey, Lead Strategic Designer at BCG Digital Ventures

17:50         Talk 2:  Influences on user-centred design - Users’ needs and requirements will change according to the specific culture, setting, accessibility and purpose of the healthtech application. How do these elements influence the design of healthtech?

Speaker - Maja Kecman, Designer and Co-Founde, Scorpio Labs

5 min Active break!

18:05         Talk 3:  People Drive Digital - Putting people at the centre isn’t enough. Focus really needs to be placed on the fact that people who use services have skills and insights that are unique and are assets in their  own right. Healthtech should be about co-production and partnership between those who use services and  professionals who work on solutions.

Speaker - Anne Cooper,  Chief Nurse at NHS Digital.

18:15         Talk 4:  When health tech fails - not all stories are successful and not every healthcare challenge needs a digital solution. Why can there be a gap in the world as imagined by the developers and the real world?  What causes healthcare technologies to fail?

Speaker - Rebecca Rosen, GP and Senior Fellow, The Nuffield Trust

18:25          Q&A

15-20 min Active break!

19:00         Part II: Inclusion - Healthtech for all?

3 x 10 min speakers speakers covering a wide range of themes

19:00          Talk 5:   Older people and Healthtech, Empowering the user  - Older people can significantly benefit from healthtech to learn how to manage their health conditions if technology is designed with them in mind, and if  they are supported to use the technology effectively. How can healthtech reach out to those who are less tech savvy or digitally literate?

Speaker -  Elaine Manna, patient with Macular degeneration and an amazing woman with a passion for data

19:10       Talk 6:   Designing usable and accessible healthtech  - How can healthtech be designed by companies to improve accessibility for those isolated by disabilities.

Speaker -  Molly Watt, Usability and accessibility consultant, specialising in assistive technology and design for those with sensory impairment. Ambassador and advocate of Molly Watt Trust and Sense.

19:20         Talk 7:  Healthtech for mental health - Mental health is traditionally an area with much stigma attached to it, meaning those suffering from mental health issues will not always seek help when it is needed. Can health tech help to reach out to this group?

Speaker - Simmy Grover, Chief Science Officer at Unmind

19:30          Q&A

19:50         Wrap up!

20:00          Networking & refreshments

21:00          Close

Ticket pricing

  • Please note that tickets for this special event are £10 and will go towards helping support and fund the One HealthTech community - a volunteer-led network championing diversity in healthtech. Funds will be put towards helping regions run activities for whom it is a little harder to get sponsorship.
  • If you are able to expense this ticket please do select the £40 option, we greatly appreciate it!
  • Free tickets (£5 refund on attendance) are available for students and those not in employment. We operate on an honesty policy for this one...

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Event Time: 17:30 - 21:00
Event Date: Wednesday, February 07,2018

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