Thursday, April 04,2019 05:30 - 20:30
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A big data approach for challenges in health tech:
Is health research ready to be tackled with inclusive open data settings?

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) report, usage of big data is growing faster in healthcare. As global connectivity increases and technology flourishes, healthcare has undergone a wave of digitisation leaving researchers hopeful in translating clinical knowledge to find cures, improve patients’ quality of life, preventative measures and increase preventable care. Big data has been described as volume, velocity, and variety, and with new massive sources of information, such as genomic identity and global patient environment, provides an opportunity for unconventional ways of understanding complex diseases.

But how feasible are these open and data-driven approaches in the health tech space? Is health research ready to be tackled with inclusive open data settings?

The first Global Business Innovation Conversation for 2019 will explore digital health and bring together experts to discuss:

  • What is the value of open data to tackle challenges in health?
  • How can we ethically handle patient and health data?
  • How can we put in place inclusive data initiatives for tackling challenges in health tech?
  • How should the Australian health space tackle these challenges?
  • How can we build viable health tech start-ups in Australia?

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Event Details
Event Venue: RMIT Activator, Victoria Street, Carlton VIC, Australia
Event Time: 05:30 - 20:30
Event Date: Thursday, April 04,2019